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This page contains photo's and information about Crosville buses from the former Liverpool depot in Love Lane.  I worked at this Crosville depot for about six months until their closure due to industrial action. I gained my P.S.V. licence with Crosville, the P.S.V. test took place in Chester with their own test examiner using bus HVG 932 "picture below". The Bristol VR's that Crosville ran were and still are my favourite bus, especially the ones with Leyland engines "very fast" MPTE Atlanteans where left for dust. Although I was there only a short time this was a great bus garage to work and I still see some of the former drivers that worked there. It was in my opinion a very unscheduled and unnecessary sad day when it closed down.


Liverpool Bus Allocation 1985  -  70, Plus 1 Towing Vehicle Consisting Of :

Single Deck Buses.


LEYLAND NATIONAL  -  SNL364   EFM364S   -  SNL365   EFM365S  -  SNL413    LMA431T  -  SNL893   RFM893M

LEYLAND NATIONAL DUAL PURPOSE  -  ENL827   NFM827M  -   ENL828   NFM828M  -  ENL838   NFM838M   -                                         
ENL843    NFM843M  -  ENL849   NFM849M  -  ENL856    NFM856M  -  ENL939   HMA660N

Double Deck Buses.

BRISTOL VRT / ECW SERIES 2  -  DVG270   HTU159N   -  DVG271   HTU160N  -  DVG273    HTU162N  - 
DVG274   HTU163N  -  DVG275    HTU164N

BRISTOL VRT / ECW SERIES 3DVG277   MDM277P   -  DVG278   MDM278P  -  DVG279    MDM279P   
DVG280   MDM280P  -   DVG281    MDM281P  -  DVG282   MDM282P  -    DVG283    MDM283P  -       
DVG284   MDM284P  -   DVG285    MDM258P  -  DVG286    MDM286P  -   DVL321   TMA321R  -         
DVL328    TMA328R  -   DVL342   WDM342R  -   DVL343    WDM343R  -   DVL347    WDM347R  -       
DVL355   YTU355S  -     DVG356    YTU356S  -    DVL358   YTU358S  -       DVL359    YTU359S  -
DVL360    BTU360S  -    DVL361   BTU361S  -      DVL363    BTU363S  -      DVL364   BTU364S  - 
DVL366    BTU366S  -    DVL367    BTU367S  -     DVL368   BTU368S  -       DVL369    BTU369S  -
DVL375   BTU375S  -     DVL385    FTU385T  -     DVL387    FTU387T  -       DVL388   FTU388T  -
DVL389   FTU389T  -     DVL391   FTU391T  -      DVL392   FTU392T  -        DVL393   FTU393T  - 
DVL394   FTU394T  -     DVL395    FTU395T  -     DVL396   FTU396T  -        DVL410    ODM410V  -
DVL429   RLG429V  -    DVL430   RLG430V  -     DVL443    RMA443V  -      DVL492   WTU492W  -
DVL493   WTU493W  -  DVL494    WTU494W  - DVL495   WTU495W  -      DVL496    WTU496W  - 
DVL497   WTU497W

(ex Southdown)  -  HDL915    XUF385K  -  HDL919   XUF389K  - HDL922    XUF392K

BRISTOL VR / EAST LANCS SERIES 2 (ex south Yorkshire P.T.E.)  -   HVG931   OWE367K  -  HVG932   OWE272K



Leyland National  SNL 893  Photo Billy Barlow                                                 Bristol VRT  DVL 429

RFM893M.jpg (38221 bytes)  RLG429V.jpg (50737 bytes)

    Bristol VRT  DVG 270                                                        Bristol VRT DVG 270 On 28.7.02

Crosville HTU 159N.jpg (37956 bytes)  cros htu 159 n.jpg (31120 bytes)

   Bristol VRT DVG 286 Photo Billy Barlow                                 Bristol VRT DVL 394 Photo Billy Barlow

DVG 286.jpg (28859 bytes)  dvl 394.jpg (34589 bytes)

Leyland National ENL 828 Photo Billy Barlow                         Leyland National ENL 856 Photo Billy Barlow

ENL 828.jpg (21368 bytes)  ENL 856.jpg (23842 bytes)

Bristol VRT DVG 274 Photo Jim Gorman                                       Bristol VR HVG 932 took my test in this beast, Photo Jim Gorman

HTU 163N.jpg (27427 bytes)  OWE 272K.jpg (31682 bytes)

  Bristol VRT DVL 391 Photo Billy Barlow                        Bristol VRT DVG 277 Photo Billy Barlow 

FTU391T.jpg (23075 bytes)  MDM277P.jpg (18870 bytes)

                     Bristol VRT DVL 347 Photo Billy Barlow                                          Bristol VRT DVL 496 one of the fast ones                                          

WDM347R.jpg (23571 bytes)  Copy of VR 496.jpg (33635 bytes)

1978 Rulebook

 crosville rule book, august 1978.jpg (11352 bytes)

Setright Waybill

crosville waybill.jpg (95051 bytes)

       Ace Waybill                                                                 Almex Magnet Waybill

crosville ACE waybill.jpg (58386 bytes)  crosville almex magnet waybill.jpg (65180 bytes)

This is the letter i recieved while on strike at Crosville along with the rest of the drivers

crosville letter.jpg (57735 bytes)

If you have any photo's of Liverpool Crosville's and you would like them displayed
please e-mail them to me and I will credit them to you


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